Example pricing using the table(s) above:

50 shirts, printed with a 2 color front ($8.30),

and a 1 color back (+2.49), would total $10.89 /each.

Custom Quote

If you'd like to get a custom quote, please email us

at info@atomicprintingfl.com with the following information:

(1) What brands of apparel, color, or style?

(if not sure, we'd be happy to help! we offer

economy $, premium $$, and fashion premium $$$ apparel brands)

(2) What is being printed and how many colors in the design?

(please attach the desgn if you have one, if not we can help you create one)

(3) How many print locations?

(ex: front, back, sleeve)

(4) How many items are being ordered?

(12+, 25+, 50+, etc.)

*standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days

*we offer rush services for an additional charge

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